It’s clear that it’s better to have a larger and more targeted audience, but how can you get more social media followers? There are tons of different ways you can build your following, and here are 3 quick ways you can implement to get quick results. influencer marketing agency The best bet is to apply one method at a time until you’re seeing progress before adding another strategy to the mix. Eventually, you can use all three of these methods to grow your social media followers on complete autopilot.

  1. Gain Social Media Followers From Your Blog You’re probably doing this already, and there are several different ways to gain followers from your self-hosted WordPress blog. The first and most obvious way is by having links to your profiles on the side of your blog, but it doesn’t end there! You can also add an author box which includes your links.

For even better results, you can create a blog page that thanks your blog visitors for commenting on your site. Include your social media profile links on that page, and install the Comment Redirect plugin which is completely free. Set up your commenter thank you page with that plugin and each time a new user makes a comment, they have the opportunity to follow you on your social media profiles.

Another excellent method is to use each social network’s follow widgets. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest all have them which make it super easy for your visitors to add you without leaving your site. You can place these widgets in your sidebar, below your content, or anywhere else you feel comfortable.

  1. Gain Social Media Followers From Your Newsletter This is a personal favorite, and for a great reason. If you’re not already building your newsletter email list, pick up a GetResponse or Aweber account and get to it! Email marketing is still one of the best ways to communicate with your customers, and of course a great way to build your social media followers.

The easiest way is to include your social media links in a welcome email after people subscribe. The software mentioned above easily allows you to create a message that is automatically sent to brand new subscribers, and simply include your links inside that message along with everything else. Also, you can include your links in your newsletters as a signature or create a dedicated social media section.

Another method is to create a thank you page that people see after they subscribe and include your links or the follow widgets on that page. This is highly effective since people have already taken an action to get this far, so adding you on social media is a logical next step.

  1. Gain Social Media Followers By Cross Promoting Sometimes, you can really grow one network quickly while the others are lagging behind. For example, many people seem to be able to build a Facebook page quickly, but struggle to gain YouTube subscribers. A simple solution is to simply cross promote. Suggest that your Facebook followers subscribe to your YouTube channel or post your videos on your page.

A lot of people have their favorite network where they spend all their time, so you’ll want to be on all the major networks. Another way to cross promote is by using social media to promote your blog, which will promote your newsletter, which will promote your products, services, and social media profiles. You can end up creating a well oiled social media marketing funnel this way.

How Are You Getting More Social Media Followers? These methods have worked for many people in many niches and industries, and are very easy to implement. Once you apply them to your strategy, you don’t have to do much else besides your regular marketing techniques.

As your following grows, you will find more and more loyal customers who will gladly spread your message for you, resulting in more business without you doing extra work. Of course, you’ll need to put in work and these methods will help you grow faster.