Anyone can have fungus on your nails but there are a number of conditions or risk factors that increase the chances that this happens japanese toenail fungus code, they are:

* Have fungus between the toes.
* Inappropriate use socks or shoes that do not allow good ventilation and do not absorb perspiration.
* Walking barefoot in damp public places like gyms, locker rooms, showers or pools.
* Have injuries of the nail or surrounding skin.
* Excessive perspiration.
* Have a hereditary easy to infect you fungi.
* Smoking
* Have diabetes, weakened immune system or circulation problems.

Why treat nail fungus?

Onychomycosis are generally asymptomatic, although in some cases distort the nail can cause pain so severe and so creating difficulty walking.

The fungus between the toes and toenails, may favor the development of serious medical complications such as bacterial infections of the skin, so should be treated onychomycosis.

In addition it was shown that onychomycosis adversely alter the patient’s self-esteem, who is embarrassed by the disease and find limitations in social activities.

For all the foregoing, if you notice that your nails change in appearance would not hesitate to consult your dermatologist.

How to treat nail fungus?

Onychomycosis may persist indefinitely in the nails if not treated, so the dermatologist will determine the best method to eliminate nail fungus by patient ..

Creams or ointments that are used to treat fungal infections of the skin are not effective in treating nails as they fail to penetrate. There are topical antifungal lacquer come in, but its effectiveness against onychomycosis is very low, being less than 10%.

The nail fungus may be difficult to treat, but in recent years have seen new oral drugs are more effective, are taken for shorter periods of time, and are used to prevent recurrences. These drugs should always be indicated and monitored by a physician.

Possible that the new nail grows, it does free of infection.

The fingernails take six months to complete their growth, while the feet take up to one year.

Medical treatment of onychomycosis must be accompanied by certain measures to correct the factors that predispose to fungal infections, they are:

* Dry your feet well after bathing, use a towel to it than that of the rest of the body.
* Do not walk barefoot in pools, changing rooms and toilets.
* Use comfortable shoes, not too tight and alternate with another pair.
* Wear clean cotton socks and change them frequently.
* Apply antifungal powder or talc in the feet and footwear.
* Keep your nails short.
* Do not pinch or remove cuticles (skin that covers the nails) not to favor infection.
* Use rubber gloves to do housework avoiding moisture.
* Consult your dermatologist before any change in the appearance of your nails.

Natural remedies for toenail fungus Treatment should be followed for several months. The growth of a nail fungus is very slow (it takes three times longer to grow than a normal nail), so the visual changes are not noticeable until the nail almost completely renewed. We also strongly recommend going to a podiatrist to go polish removing pieces worn and accelerate the growth of healthy nail.