There are a number of laptops available on the market and laptop risers like mstand. We have talked about small netbooks and medium sized laptops but we have not elaborated on the big boys in the laptop domain. Let’s us take a look at the market for 20 inch laptops and what features each manufacture has to offer when compared to the other.

So let the Laptop comparisons begin:

• Dell XPS M2010 – The Dell XPS when closed and carried with help of the handle looks like some sleek briefcase with top-secret documents that someone from the secret service would carry around. When opened the laptop is truly unique, the 20 inch screen swivels open and once in use it looks exactly like a desktop with the screen supported by a stand and a keyboard you can detach from the chassis. It has front side control buttons which many laptops produced by dell have. It features a motorized slot loading DVD burner and a 13 in 2 card reader is something that most of us have not yet heard of.

The dell M2010 was built for a complete cinematic experience it has a whopping 8 speakers and 1 sub-woofer. It also comes with a media remote which means you can use it as your entertainment center while relaxing on your couch. The 20 inch high definition compatible screen is much more than enough to watch movies. This giant is powered by the Intel core 2 duo processor.

• HP Pavilion HDX – The HDX also features a 20 inch screen and is powered by the Intel Core 2 duo extreme edition. It runs windows vista premium and has a built in digital TV tuner. Which means this laptop is your mobile high definition television. It comes with an integrated media remote which you can pop out from the chassis and use like you would use any other remote. It uses HP imprint technology to give the laptop body a scratch resistant and unique high gloss look. It has four altec Lansing speakers and HP triple bass reflex subwoofer. It also features a 240 GB hard drive and 2 GB of memory. You have the option to choose a HD DVD drive which lets you watch HD movies on your laptop. It weighs 15.5 lbs. and is an average media laptop compared to the dell XPS.

These 20 inch mammoth laptops are a rare breed these days. Because of the size and weight users found that they were too big and too heavy to carry around and were just name sake laptops. One thing you cannot deny is that these laptops are amazing when it comes to entertainment.